Jagoron, a credit product of PKSF for their partner organization, Wants to ensure the development of home-based enterprises in rural and urban areas of Bangladesh. PKSF launched the program In October 1990 (then known as Rural Microcredit) for the rural poor to encourage them to undertake family-based income generating activities. Now, this program name changed to Jagoron and marge UMC with this program. Over the past twenty-two years, ASO has been providing loans under Jagoron (previous name RMC) program to the poor community to involve them in profitable and income-generating activities to improve their standard of living. This program is being implemented by involving Landless, marginal farmers, widows, divorced, economically retired members, and those who are living below the standard of poverty by providing them with loans at 24% service charge (Reducing method)  at a weekly rate and by organizing regular weekly meetings.


Jagoron Program at a Glance (up June-2022):

Total Number of Members:

Total Number of Borrowers: 

Total Savings Balance: 

Total Loan outstanding: 

Implementation effects Jagoron Program:

By forming an organized samity's, Members are encouraged to create their own savings funds in Jagoron Program. Beneficiaries are more confident about their self-development, Conscious of their own right,s and increase their Competence and productivity.

As a result of the proper utilization of such loans, multiple small entrepreneurs have been created. 

Future plan of Jagoron Program :

Expansion of working area

Organize backward people


Increase awareness of members about livelihood development and employment

Change the policy based on the current situation and necessary. 


Jagoron Program was designed and developed by PKSF, We are implementing according to the following PKSF guidelines. Though we are working in a remote area in Bangladesh and mainly our members are women so the Jagoron Program helps to empower and develop backward women.